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September 10, 2011 / nae1776

In the beginning….

Either search engines failed me or sad times have struck the Disc community of late. It seems a lot of my favorite Disc bloggers have hung up their wizard hats 😦 I’m not sure where you stand but I am personally not very thrilled with all of the uncertainty and disagreement about the focus of our spec at this point. Read more…

November 15, 2011 / nae1776

Hiatus, or Real Life is Heroic Mode?

Just wanted to post a quick update. Real life has me very busy these days and I will not be posting regularly for the time being. I hope to be able to resume my ramblings after or around Christmas.

September 30, 2011 / nae1776

4.3 & T13…as of now anyway

Blizzard has released T13 images and bonuses, as well as some changes to be expected next patch. Things being as subject to change as they usually are, time will tell what we’ll actually see when this goes live.  Read more…

September 25, 2011 / nae1776

To Smite, or Not to Smite?

That is the question. Whether ’tis nobler to eschew the wings for….aww forget it. If you’re still on the fence after all this time over which spec is best, there’s a reason! It all depends on what you’re going for and what you find more enjoyable. There are a small few fights that make one or the other preferable. I will break down the benefits here – including which fights favor said approach & looking at some of the “optional” talents. Read more…

September 20, 2011 / nae1776

Don’t Nerf Me Like That!

That time is on the horizon again. The last raid of the expansion. Time to reset the “getting gear to kill bosses to get better gear to kill badder bosses to get the best gear to kill the baddest bosses” cycle. Is it just me or has this expansion gone very fast? But that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to, yeah you guessed it, complain about the nerfs.  Read more…

September 18, 2011 / nae1776

Baleroc: Building stacks as Disc

I have to admit that healing gimmick fights are my ego food. I love seeing 200k + heals and the accompanying DA bubbles. Blizz has been very good so far giving the healers a fight once or twice per expansion. So far, however, most have been a little more simple than Baleroc. This post will assume you understand the basic mechanics of the fight and strategy, I will try to give a simple overview of the stacks and some tips on building them. Read more…

September 16, 2011 / nae1776

Mod of the Month: VuhDo

I’m a UI modification junkie. It’s so important to have an informative and streamlined UI as a healer. One of the biggest increases to efficiency is a good raid frame with mouseover ability. Instead of having to click on a target and press a keybind, you can decrease reaction time by removing one of those steps every time you cast a heal. Read more…

September 11, 2011 / nae1776

Meters & Logs: The non-DPS dillema

In my early days of raiding things were simple. If I was having a good night and keeping up on my rotation, managing CDs and threat, I’d see my little purple bar moving higher on recount. My job was DPS, and the amount I could do to a boss was limited by only his health pool, my gear, and user input. But why is healing any different? Read more…

September 10, 2011 / nae1776

Some kind of diphtheria or somethin

Man was I sick this week! My fiancée must have picked up a bug from work or school because he had it first. That’s right – YOUR FAULT!! I seriously have never been so ill from a “stomach bug.” Read more…

September 10, 2011 / nae1776

Power Auras, baby!

I am an unabashed UI mod fanatic. My fiancée will tell you that on average every 3 months I pull out my trusty add-on guide, Vranx, to see what is new out there and then promptly spend about 12 hours making everything perfect. Read more…

September 10, 2011 / nae1776

My take on stat weights

As anyone who raids outside a cave knows, nobody really agrees on stat weights for Disc at this point in time. I think this is a good thing. Why? It means that our spec is uniquely balanced and that there isn’t one answer that is entirely wrong. However, it makes it a pain in the tabard for someone of average mathematical prowess, like myself, to get ahead of the curve and start pulling UBAR LEET HPSZORZ LOLOLOL. Read more…