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September 20, 2011 / nae1776

Don’t Nerf Me Like That!

That time is on the horizon again. The last raid of the expansion. Time to reset the “getting gear to kill bosses to get better gear to kill badder bosses to get the best gear to kill the baddest bosses” cycle. Is it just me or has this expansion gone very fast? But that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to, yeah you guessed it, complain about the nerfs. 

I’m finding myself sorely disappointed not to have another heroic boss under my belt before the nerf. But I also find myself bitterly accepting sloppy boss kills. I guess I feel like I should have to work for progression kills. I put a lot of effort into learning my class, learning fights, setting up my UI, and buying consumables and gear enhancements. It seems to be less valuable when the floor is pulled down from under you a few notches. Who knows? Maybe that’s just my way of trying to make playing a video game seem more worthy of such time and effort.

I did take some time to review the full list of nerfs and am expecting to be able to tell a huge differences. Sort of odd how adds’ health has been reduced by the same amount in heroic and normal. Makes me wonder if Blizzard is finding too few successful heroic encounters for their taste. I guess this post on WoW’s official forums really spoke to me. No, I don’t go to the general forums often – I stumbled upon it from Life in Group Five. In either case – I agree with Ashunei, the OP, that it’s way too soon and that Blizzard is alienating their more “hardcore” player base. If I were in a top 200 guild right now working on Heroic Ragnaros I’d be fuming! Instead, I’m just disappointed & a little annoyed.

I guess what I mean is that raiding is challenging. Raiding should be challenging. If raiding loses that challenge too soon, the people who worked so much harder last week will be bored, angry, and resentful this week when those bosses die that much easier. Make the content available to the majority of players, but nerf it more slowly or reserve the brunt of the nerfs to normal modes. Heroics should be challenging, not out of vanity or elitism, but because they are an optional addition to the raid experience with greater requirements and accompanying reward. I like having to play better this expansion compared to the previous one and am not looking forward to feeling like it’s easymode for a few weeks.

I’m very happy with the game in most respects, as is evident by my very posting of this mini-rant. Maybe the very reason for that happiness is a result of my allowing a game manufacturer to use psychology against me. Pavlov would undoubtedly be amused of what has become of his work.


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  1. nae82 / Sep 22 2011 7:49 am

    Yeah, It was so much easier. We managed to down our third heroic boss with substitute tanks, a DC’d raid leader, and 2 DC’d healers. We used 1 less healer than normal. I don’t think we would have gotten this particular boss down for another raid night or two pre-nerf. I’m glad to have him killed, and another piece of heroic gear, but it was too easy.

    Alysrazor’s tornadoes are so slow now I have to stop moving and wait for them to get ahead or I’ll run into them from behind!

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