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September 16, 2011 / nae1776

Mod of the Month: VuhDo

I’m a UI modification junkie. It’s so important to have an informative and streamlined UI as a healer. One of the biggest increases to efficiency is a good raid frame with mouseover ability. Instead of having to click on a target and press a keybind, you can decrease reaction time by removing one of those steps every time you cast a heal.

When it comes to raid frames, you should look for something that’s customizable. Ideally, a good raid frame add on will allow you to see important information about the raid without losing track of what’s going on around your character – it’s no good dying to fire because you can’t see it or have to look far away to see someone’s health or debuffs. The in-game menu is also a huge consideration. I hate convoluted menus and for that reason I’ve never jumped on the Grid bandwagon. But, maybe most important of all, you need reliability. On patch day you don’t want to be left healing a raid with a subpar set up.

VuhDo fits the bill for me in spades. It’s an amazing add on by the wonderful Iza, who works seemingly endlessly keeping it updated and adding new functions. VuhDo can work out of the box, but the best features are the optional ones. Like Grid? You can make it look like that. Healbot fan? It can look like that too. Seeking the unique? VuhDo has you covered.

The regular functions of health & power frames, debuffs, aggro indicators and the like are present without having to install anything else. Additionally, you can use the built in mouseover healing or macros. VuhDo can aid in AoE healing, HoT tracking, tank cooldown indicators, directional indicators for out of range raid members, and most likely tons of features I’ve never even looked for. But – above all this – in the 2+ years I’ve been using the mod, it has never, ever been broken by a patch. Sure, a feature may get messed up but it’s been fixed within 24 hours every time I’ve ever noticed.

The web is rife with set up guides for the more advanced functions, including video tutorials. There is also a support forum over on (which is an awesome site by the way). In short, this is my choice for my very first monthly add on blog because it’s my favorite and an indispensable tool I don’t ever want to raid without. Without further ado, here are some links!

Curse Download

WoW Interface Download


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