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September 10, 2011 / nae1776

Some kind of diphtheria or somethin

Man was I sick this week! My fiancée must have picked up a bug from work or school because he had it first. That’s right – YOUR FAULT!! I seriously have never been so ill from a “stomach bug.” As much as those who know me personally will be surprised, I’ll spare the hilarious details (yes I like potty humor, sue me!) and get to the point.

What is a career gal to do when she gets sick? I don’t want to miss work, and I’m certain they feel the same. And not just because I’m a ray of sunshine in a dismal, bleak world…and don’t forget modest. I hate to think that I could be the source of an office pandemic. Especially one this bad. I’m not sure how high my fever was at its highest but at one point I felt like I was floating in the vacuum of space while in the recliner with the lights off. And not in the good way.

Being like most Americans in our difficult economy, I bypassed the doctor and did the next best thing – typing symptoms into google! In its infinite wisdom Dr. Google diagnosed me I am pretty sure I have some sort of viral gastroenteritis. Of course there are many sorts, some of which are contagious for weeks and can even infest buildings. Ouch! So so I put on a surgical mask, wash my hands every 2 minutes & hope for the best? I can’t afford to stay out of work for any longer and, honestly, my own pesky work ethic won’t allow me to be at home from a job that treats me well (as mine does, thanks guys <3) if I’m feeling well. I feel very bad though, thinking of the people who may get some kind of diphtheria or somethin, as the Stomach Bug of 2011 is now known.

Do you feel bad going to work sick? Do you glare at your sneezing coworkers yet come into work tissues in tow a few days later when the contagion invariably strikes you down next?


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