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Welcome to Power Word: Shh! This blog was created by a moderately informed, long-time priest raider with the intent to make more information about Discipline available to the general public. Information contained here will be concerning the PvE Disc priest unless otherwise indicated. The goal is not to have all readers agree with the author’s unparalleled genius insights, but rather to foster healthy debate, discussion, and dedication to discing it up dangerously in some dungeons. And alliteration. Lots and lots of lines of lovely alliteration.

The author is a UI modification enthusiast and raider currently focusing on 25 man heroic content. She hopes to use her sarcastic wit and love for writing to assist fellow Warfrcraftians. Nae has a 4 year raiding history and an addiction to the Priest class, with an appreciation for their flexibility, utility, variety of spells and a certain finesse required to excel. While not a mathematician, the author strives to keep in the know of current happenings in the raiding world.